US Visa Interview Appointments

US Visa Interview AppointmentsThe US Embassy in Bangkok and Consulate in Chaing Mai use a paid visa information service to schedule non-immigrant visa interview appointments and provide automated information about US visas.

The service requires that you pay a visa information service fee to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN will allow you to schedule an appointment for yourself and up to 4 immediate relatives living at the same address as you. If you are applying for visas for more people, you will need to purchase more than one PIN. You also will be able to schedule an appointment and reschedule it up to 2 additional times if you need to. But you may not change or cancel your appointment within 2 business days of the appointment date.

Your PIN will expire 10 days after your appointment date. If you do not schedule an appointment, your PIN will expire 90 days after you purchase it.

You can access the visa information service through the World Wide Web at

Before you purchase a PIN you should decide whether you wish to use the web service or the call center because a PIN for the web service cannot be used to access the call center and vice versa. The web service PIN costs the equivalent of $12 US dollars while the call center pin costs the equivalent of $20 US dollars. The call center PIN costs more because it will allow you to speak with a live person, unlike the web service PIN.

If you choose to use the web service you may purchase your PIN online using a credit card at after setting up your account. Alternatively, you may purchase your web PIN at the Thailand Post. However, if you purchase your PIN at Thailand Post, the PIN can be activated only after 1 pm the next business day after purchase. For example, if you purchased it on Monday, it will be active at 1:00 pm on Tuesday. However, if you purchased it on Friday, you cannot use it until Monday at 1:00 pm, the next business day after purchase. A Thai, Thailand Post, or US holiday is not a business day and your PIN will not be activated on a holiday.

If you choose to use the call center you must purchase your PIN at the Thailand Post. Remember that you will have to wait until after 1 pm on the next business day before you can access the call center using your PIN. If you call the call center three times you will have to purchase another PIN to access the call center again.


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