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Thailand Marriage and U.S Visa

Many Americans get married in Thailand and take their foreign spouse back to the U.S. to live. The easiest way to ensure your spouse can join you in the U.S. is to register your marriage at the district office (Amphoe) in Thailand and apply for a spouse visa  for a foreign spouse.

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K2 Visa Process from Thailand

A K2 visa allows the Thai fiance of a U.S. citizen to bring their children with them when they travel to the United States to get married.  Your Thai fiance’s children should apply for a K2 visa at the same time your fiance is applying for their K1 (fiance) visa.

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K1 Visa Process

Do you want to marry your Thai significant other?  If  you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and want to get married in the United States, the K1 visa is the best way for an American to bring a Thai fiance back to the U.S.  

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K1 Visa Interview at the U.S Embassy Bangkok

The final step of your K1 visa application process is the visa interview at the U.S Embassy in Bangkok. The primary purpose of the interview is to make sure your relationship with your American fiance is sincere and that you intend to marry.

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K1 Visa from Thailand

A K1 visa allows a U.S. citizen to sponsor their Thai fiance for a visa so that they can marry in the U.S.  Once the visa has been awarded, the Thai fiance has six months to enter the United States.   You then have 90 days from your fiance’s arrival to get married.  

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CR1 Application Process

This is the application process for the CR1 Visa in Thailand. See the requirements for the CR1 Visa and also the overview of a CR1 Visa. Speak to a US immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance.

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CR1 Visa Requirements

Are you a United States citizen with a Thai spouse?  Or did you get married in Thailand? Would you like to move back to the United States together?  The CR-1 visa application process allows an American citizen to sponsor their foreign born spouse for permanent residency.

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Applying for a CR-1 Visa from Thailand

by | January 18, 2012 | US Fiancee Visa

The CR-1 visa application process allows an American citizen to sponsor their foreign born spouse for permanent residency.  The “CR” of CR-1 stands for “Conditional Resident.” If you and your spouse have been married for less than 2 years, you can apply for a CR-1 visa.

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