Going, Going, Almost Gone: The Best Thai Elite Visa Deal

The Best Thai Elite Visa Deal

If you are looking to stay long-term within Thailand, or eventually retire, applying for a 20-year Elite Superiority Extension package is the best investment you could make. Here’s why this 20-year Thai Elite Visa membership provides the best experience for you during your ventures in Thailand:

What’s the catch?

Here’s a rundown of why you should consider the Elite Superiority Extension membership:


  • For only 1 million THB, applicants can stay in Thailand for 20 years. This is equivalent to 50,000 THB per year
  • Other visas may seem cheaper at first glance, but contain additional fees that do not apply to holders of a 20-year Thai Elite Visa:
    • Thai Elite Visas require no re-entry or renewal fees, unlike other visas.
    • There is no payment associated with needing to meet education (for ED Visas), employment, or financial requirements for Thai Elite Visas. 
    • Elite Superiority Extension membership includes no annual fees.
    • No fees are required to get the visa sticker/stamp on the passport.

Immigration Requirements

  • Elite Superiority Extension members can designate agents to conduct their 90-day reporting for free. Other visas require spending 2,000 THB to hire a visa agent. 
  • Elite Superiority Extension members do not need to apply for re-entry permits every year (or every time you travel) unlike with other visas (saving 3,800 THB each year). 
  • Elite Superiority Extension members do not need to visit the immigration office every year to renew the visa.

No Health Insurance Requirements

  • Some visas such as retirement visas (O-A) require health insurance. Some such as the Retirement Visa OA require insurance costing over 100,000 THB, increasing on a yearly basis. 
  • There are no insurance requirements for a 20-year Thai Elite Visa. 

No Banking or Financial Requirements

  • Some visas require that foreigners have a minimum number of sums in their bank account per year. There are no financial or banking requirements for a 20-year Thai Elite Visa. 
  • For the Elite Superiority Extension package, you make your payment upfront and there are no yearly fees.
  • The Thai retirement visa ties up your 800,000 THB of your savings for six months of the year.  You cannot use it or risk rejection for your renewal.

More Ease and Flexibility

  • Applicants can either:
  • Applications can be done entirely online unlike with other visas. This lets you save money by not having to purchase a plane ticket or rent a hotel room.
  • Application procedures for a Thai Elite Visa are more straightforward. For other visas, there may be more requirements, extra payments, additional documents, volatile price changes, and more stress overall. 

Fast Track Immigration Clearance at Airports

Thailand Elite members on the Elite Superiority Extension plan gain access to the immigration fast-tracking lane at airports. This means no queueing to clear immigration which may waste time. 

Exclusive Privileges

The Elite Superiority Extension membership provides benefits such as special discounts and VIP services which are exclusive only to Thailand Elite Visas. 

Cheaper Than New Thai Elite Visa Packages

  • While little is known about the new Thai Elite Visa packages coming October 1, 2023, these could be more expensive by 50 percent according to Thai media. 
  • In case of price hikes, it’s better to acquire the 1 million THB 20-year Thai Elite Visa now than wait for a potentially pricier alternative. 

As the deadline is looming ahead, there is only a matter of time before you can apply for the 20-year Elite Superiority Extension membership.

  Elite Superiority Extension Retirement Visa Marriage Visa ED Visa
Average cost per year 50,000 THB* 35,000 – 45,000 THB (if hiring a visa agent) 35,000 – 45,000 THB (if hiring a visa agent) 45,000 THB (if hiring a visa agent)
Additional Costs 1,900 THB extension fee if required
  • Re-entry: 3,800 THB
  • Visa Renewal: 1,900 THB (every year)
  • Re-entry: 3,800 THB per year
  • Visa Fee: 1,900 THB per year
  • Re-entry: 3,800 THB
  • Renewal: 1,900 THB (every 90 days)
90 Day Reporting Free 2,000 THB – 4,000 THB every 90 days for hiring an agent 2,000 THB – 4,000 THB for hiring an agent 2,000 THB – 4,000 THB every 90 days for hiring an agent
Immigration Visits Only if required Every Year Every Year Every 90 days
Bank account requirements None
  • Non O or OA Retirement: 800,000 THB
  • Non OX Retirement: 3 million THB
  • 40,000 THB to be deposited every month Or
  • 400,000 THB (savings)
  • 20,000 THB (if a single applicant)
  • 40,000 THB (if with a family)
Health Insurance Requirements None Required for OA Retirement Visa (valued over 100,000 THB) None None
Immigration fast-tracking Yes No No No
* 1M THB total membership cost divided by 20 years = 50,000 THB

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