Marriage Registration

for Danish Citizens

Registration of marriage in Thailand can only be done at a District Office ("amphur"), which is similar to a town hall in Denmark. Please note that a marriage ceremony performed in a church, or in a mosque, or a ceremony at home with monks attending the wedding is not legally binding in Thailand, - and therefore not legally binding in Denmark either.

In order for a Danish citizen to register marriage in Thailand, the Thai authorities request that the Danish Embassy issue a certificate in English and in Thai, which confirms the Danish national's name, nationality, passport number, issuing passport authority, and address in Denmark, employer, position, and salary. Furthermore, names and age of children from previous relationships, if any. And finally, names and addresses of 2 contact persons (references) in Denmark, who are not family members.

When you return to Denmark after having registered your marriage in Thailand, please inform the municipality in which you live (Folkeregisteret) about your marriage.

Documentation Needed

If you wish to marry in Thailand you should therefore contact the Embassy and bring the following original documents:

  • Passport
  • Health insurance card or other official documentation of your present address
  • Salary statement (the latest) or similar documentation of your income, for instance your pension statement or your yearly salary statement from the Danish tax authorities
  • If you have previously been married, your divorce certificate. The certificate should be translated into Thai. Since the certificate must be legalised by the Embassy, we prefer that the translation is made by the Embassy or by a translation office recommended by the Embassy
  • Names and addresses (references) of two persons you know in Denmark, who are not your family
  • Names and age of your children, if any
  • Certificate from your Danish municipality concerning notification of marriage

In order to obtain a "Marriage Certificate", please print out the Marriage Declaration. Fill out the declaration and you and your future spouse then need to sign it, enclose the attachments as specified in the guidelines together with DKK 500,00 and send it by mail to your (latest) municipality. Please remember to inform the municipality to which address the "Marriage Certificate" should be sent!

Under normal circumstances, it takes two working days for the Embassy to issue a certificate for registration of marriage in Thailand. You will be charged a fee for the Embassy's assistance (See: List of Consular Service Fees). Alternatively and in order to save time, you may find it more convenient to forward copies of the documents to the Embassy beforehand, in order that the certificate and any translations are ready when you arrive in Thailand. Please note, however, that you must present all the original documents when coming to the Embassy to pick up your certificate for registration of marriage in Thailand.

Marriage Registration: DFA

You should bring the certificate to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be verified as a true document issued by the Royal Danish Embassy. The address of the Ministry is:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Chaeng Wattana Road
(close to the Communications Authority of Thailand)
Tel: 02 575 1056/58
Fax: 02 575 1054

It usually takes a couple of days for the Ministry to verify a document. Please note that the Ministry will charge you a fee. The Danish Embassy cannot assist you in having the certificate verified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since May 2003 it has been possible for foreigners to forward by mail documents for legalization directly to the Royal Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Legalization Division.

Marriage Registration Process

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the Mr. Adulsak Chobchaoychat, Legalization Division at 02-575-1056/58 for more information or details of documents needed especially regarding the legalization fee.
  2. Fill in the form "Application for Legalization".
  3. Enclose a copy of your passport or power of attorney.
  4. Enclose the document for legalization as well as 2 copies hereof.
  5. Enclose a money order paid in THB to Laksi Post Office + THB 40 for the expense of return express mail by EMS.
  6. State your telephone number and address in Thailand.
  7. The legalization process normally takes 2 working days.
  8. In case you do not have your own address in Thailand you can have the documents sent to your name + c/o Royal Danish Embassy, Sathorn Soi 1, Bangkok 10120. Hereafter you can pick up your letter at the Embassy by presenting your passport.
  9. Forward the documents to: Mr. Adulsak Chobchaoychat, 123 Department of Consular Affairs, Legalization Division, Chaeng Watthana Rd., Laksi District, Bangkok 10210.

District Office: Marriage Certificate

When the certificate has been verified, you may register marriage at any District Office (amphur). The Embassy, however, usually recommends that you register marriage in Bangkok, or in another larger city, as the district offices in the cities are more familiar with the embassies' certificates. You do not need to make an appointment in advance with the district office.

The amphur will charge you a small fee for the registration of marriage. Please note that you might also have to pay a small fee to the two marriage witnesses, if they are provided by the amphur.

After your marriage you are welcome to come back to the Embassy to have your Thai marriage certificate translated into English (See: List of Consular Service Fees)

Local Office Numbers:
Bangkok: 02-254-8900
Phuket: 084-021-9800
Chiang Mai: 053-818-306
Pattaya: 084-021-9800
International Numbers:
US: 1-877-252-8831
Thailand: +668 2254-8900