I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

An I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record needs to be completed by a registered United States Civil Surgeon prior to submitting an application for adjustment of status from a non-immigrant status to a U.S. permanent resident. Registered Civil Surgeons can be located at the USCIS website.

There is an exemption for applicants who entered the United States in a K or V status because they have undergone a medical exam as part of their visa application process. The results of the medical examination must not have revealed a Class A condition for inadmissibility unless the applicant received a waiver of inadmissibility and has complied with the waiver’s terms and conditions. The K or V applicant must file for adjustment of status within one year of overseas medical examination.

The medical exam ensures that the applicant is not inadmissible because of health related grounds. The examination includes checks on past medical history, a physical examination, tuberculin test, laboratory test, and an immunization assessment. Additional test for syphilis is required for applicants over the age of 14. Applicants can seek a waiver of the vaccination requirement for moral or religious beliefs.

Until recently there was no expiration on the I-693 as long as the form was submitted with the adjustment application. However the USCIS has announced beginning on June 1, 2014 that I-693 Medical Exams will only be valid for a one year period.

An additional change is that the I-693 is no longer required as part of the initial adjustment package. The USCIS encourages applicants to wait until medical examination is requested in the form of a Request for Evidence or through a notice to bring the medical exam form to the interview.


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