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German Visa for Thai Spouse

Visa to Germany

A German visa for spouse allows a Thai national to enter Germany and live with their German spouse. The entry is valid for ninety (90) days. Within this period, the Thai spouse must secure a residence title to stay longer in Germany. If you are uncertain about what is meant by the term residence titles then speak to our immigration consultants about how the German goverment views the wording for the spouse visa for your Thai wife. This is a brief explaination.

Two Kinds of Residence Titles:

  1. the unlimited settlement permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis); and
  2. the limited resident permit ( Aufenthaltserlaubnis).

The Thai spouse needs to secure first a limited residence permit as the basis for applying an unlimited settlement permit in the future.

Visa Eligibility

To be eligible for the Germany marriage visa, the Thai spouse must provide evidences to prove the validity and authenticity of the marriage. Said spouse must also be able to show knowledge in speaking basic German language.

Visa Requirements

In applying for a German Marriage Visa, the following are the requirements:

  • Two (2) completed visa application forms
  • Passport photos
  • Valid passport, valid for at least three months beyond the visa period
  • Original copy of the marriage certificate, with duplicates
  • Copy of the passport of the German spouse
  • Copy of the residence permit of the spouse
  • Visa fee payment

Additional documents may be requested by the immigration officer if deemed necessary. Documents worded in the Thai language must be translated to German and duly authenticated. Duplicates of original documents must likewise be provided.

Visa Application Process

  • Submit all the necessary documents to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany located at 9 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120 and pay the corresponding fees.
  • Comply with any additional requirements requested and appear before the Immigration Officer for an interview.
  • The German Embassy will forward the application to the authorities in the area of residence of the German national.
  • After processing, the authorities in Germany will forward their decision to the German Embassy in Bangkok.

If granted, the Thai fiancée can now fly to Germany, get married and apply for a residence permit within 90 days.

What Siam Legal Can Do For You

We can assist you with going over the Business Visa application through our services follows:

  • Liaise with your company or employer for the proper documents
  • Consultation with our German Immigration Specialist
  • Comprehensive checklist of required documents for the applicant
  • Professional and accurate preparation of your visa application
  • Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies
  • Careful preparation of all correspondence with government agencies
  • Expert advice on how to handle yourself during the interview (if any)
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