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Over our 20+ years of operation, Siam Legal has helped hundreds of Americans such as yourself get their Thai fiancé's back home to the United States by means of a K-1 Visa. Our success stories attest to the efficiency of our services and the deep knowledge of US immigration our attorneys possess. We know the K-1 Visa application process front to back, so here we will share our knowledge to give you an overview.

K-1 Visa Process

Processing times for the K-1 Visa normally take up to 12-18 months on average as of early 2024. The time can vary depending on the backlog of cases that are being processed. Here is a step-by-step guide on the processes involved in securing a K-1 Visa in Thailand.

Step 1: Retaining a K-1 Visa Attorney

Firstly, you should retain our services here at Siam Legal so we can explain the K-1 Visa requirements in detail and provide a professional assessment of your eligibility before the process starts.

Step 2: Completion of Questionnaire

Once you have retained our services we will forward to you a questionnaire which you will need to complete and return to us. This is a basic questionnaire to assess your K-1 Visa petition and determine which documents you will need to start the K-1 Visa process. We’ll help you gather these documents and ensure they are prepared correctly to USCIS standards.

Step 3: USCIS

Once the K-1 Visa application has been completed and all the documents needed are compiled, we will get your signature and then forward your application packet to USCIS.

Step 4: Notice of Action

Within a few weeks after sending your documents, USCIS will send you a letter to acknowledge receipt. In the K-1 Visa process, this is known as "Notice of Action 1."

Step 5: USCIS Process

USCIS will then take at least 9 months to process the application. This is the longest wait period in the K-1 Visa process, so a rejection at this point will waste a lot of your time. That is why it is important to have all the documents in perfect order when making the initial application. During this period, your case will be allocated to one of the USCIS service centers located across the US.

Step 6: Notice of Action 2

Once USCIS has finished reviewing your application, they will send you a letter stating that the petition has been approved. This is known in the K-1 Visa process as "Notice of Action 2." They will then forward your approved petition to the National Visa Center ("NVC").

Step 7: National Visa Center

The NVC will take approximately 3-4 weeks to review your petition and either approve or deny it. Once approved they will forward your petition to the US Embassy in Bangkok. The NVC will notify you of this step.

Step 8: Interview at the US Embassy, Bangkok

Once the documents arrive at the US Embassy in Bangkok, the staff at the embassy will contact your Thai fiancé to set a visa interview date and request any other documents that may be needed and that would have to be translated into English. Petitioners are not permitted to attend the interview. Applicants should be familiar with all of the documents they are presenting at the interview, and be able to provide the consular officer with all requested information. We do all the translations at our office and assist your fiancé every step of the way. Our team will:

  1. Assist in obtaining documents
  2. Translation of documents
  3. Review possible interview questions
  4. Go with your fiance to the US Embassy for her interview
  5. Keep you both updated every step of the way

Please ensure that you are prepared for the interview with all the required documents. Applications incomplete at the time of the visa interview will result in a minimum 10-15 business day delay in adjudication of your application. Be on time for your appointment as well, as the interview may be canceled for late arrivals and will be rescheduled for a later date. A decision about your visa application cannot be made until an applicant formally applies and is interviewed. Therefore, applicants should not make plans to travel, quit their jobs, or sell property before they have received their K-1 Visa.

Step 9: Visa Granted

This is the final step in the K-1 Visa process in Thailand. It usually takes a few days after the interview to receive your fiancé’s passport with the K-1 Visa inside. From the initial retaining of our services to obtaining a US K-1 Visa in your fiancé’s passport, the total time takes approximately 12-18 months. If you have more questions about the K-1 Visa, see our K-1 Visa FAQs.

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