K1 Visa: Common Questions

US Visa in Thailand

What is the K-1 Visa Timeline?

The current K-1 Visa Timeline depends on which Sevice Center is used. From your initial initial filling through us to her having a K-1 Visa in her passport ranges from 6-12 months.

Can the K-1 Visa be obtained any faster?

We currently obtain K-1 Visas within 6-12 months which is fast. We can obtain the K-1 Visa within this timeline because of the following reasons:

  • Licensed U.S. Immigration Attorneys;
  • Immigration software, used by Fortune 500 companies;
  • Multilingual legal staff across Thailand and in the US;
  • Global technology partners

Will my Thai fiancée need a work permit?

Yes. Once she enters the United States on a K-1 Visa she would have to apply for a Work Permit. Once you are married and after she has applied for an adjustment of status she would need to re-apply for the work permit again.

Can the K-1 Visa holder my Thai Fiancée bring her children?

Yes. Her child/children would be eligible for K-2 Visas which would allow them to accompany their mother, your fiancée or follow her to the US within 6 months of the visa has been issued. If the child/children however do not apply the K-2 Visa, they are still eligible for a K-2 Visa after you have married as long as the child/children apply within ONE year of your Thai fiancée's K-1 Visa has been issued.

Is the K-1 Visa issued immediately following the embassy interview?

The US Embassies each have their own procedure. In Bangkok they normally issue this within a week after the interview. This again varies from time to time.

I am a permanent resident. Can I file for a K-1 Visa?

No, as the K-1 Visa is only available to US Citizens.

My Thai Fiancée is pregnant but it was not disclosed, what now?

The K-1 Visa would still be processed. In such a case it would be best to speak to one of our immigration attorneys for further legal advice.

Can we leave the US after marriage? Say on Honeymoon?

After you are married you have to apply for an adjustment of status. At that point in time you could apply for advance parole which takes about 90 days to be granted.

U.S. K-1 Visa Legal Guide