Opening a Bank Account in Bangkok

for Foreigners

Requirements for Opening a Bank Account in Bangkok

The requirements for opening a personal bank account in Bangkok for foreigners differ according to each bank's policies, but mostly to obtain a Thai bank account, there were a few mutual mandatory requirements.

  1. A permanent resident
    • Copy of house registration
    • Passport
  2. A foreign worker
    • Work Permit
    • Passport

Opening of Bank Account for Foreign Visitors or Tourists

Foreigners who do not hold any of the documents stated above are still able to acquire a Thai bank account with one of the following documents:

  • Reference letter from the foreign embassy or consulate
  • Reference letter from an international organization which provides real legal name; can be from international government from each individual’s home country of their own
  • A bank account of each individual with relevant SWIFT code, transferred data via SWIFT
  • A reference person that is trustworthy and relevant in Thailand
  • Letter of recommendation or reference from a trustworthy and relevant organization in Thailand such as Siam Legal International.

These requirements above might take a long period of procedure that might last more than a week or longer and may cost a lot of money.

Opening of Bank Account Assistance

Siam Legal International provides a hassle-free service for foreigners without work permit to obtain a Thai bank account in Bangkok as follows:

  • A completed form by Bangkok Bank
  • A full reference letter for short stay or long-stay foreigners, with an official stamp from Siam Legal International
  • A copy of ID card of the reference person, with an official stamp from Siam Legal International
  • Applicant's original passport

The applicant may retain Siam Legal online. After payment, our staff will schedule an appointment to visit our office and the request of the application documents from Siam Legal International. We only require your passport and the process takes only less than 30 minutes and the applicant can proceed to Bangkok Bank, Exchange Tower branch on the same day.

The assistance for opening a personal bank account costs 5,000 THB.

Benefits of Owning a Thai Bank Account.

To acquire a Thai bank account in Thailand requires each owner to deposit at least 500 THB for each account. They would also charge a debit card fee starting from 200 THB annually. Debit card fees can be increased according to each debit card type.

Siam Legal International coordinates with Bangkok Bank (BBL) to provide services for foreigners without work permits in order to acquire a Thai bank account. Bangkok Bank debit cards consist of a variety of benefits which affect the total fee. Some types of debit cards can be used as a Rabbit cash card for BTS Skytrain transportation, some provide a side of Line Pay perks that can be used instantly due to high demands of cashless payment.

Bangkok Bank also calculates daily deposit interest and pays the owner every 6 months.

By owning a Thai bank account, the owner can participate in 24-hour online banking, alongside with paying Thai public utility bills from their mobile phone with just an internet access.

Bangkok Bank, Exchange Tower
388 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei

(BTS Skytrain : Asok Station Exit 6)

Our service fee is $150.00 for opening a local currency account in Bangkok.

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Bangkok: 02-254-8900
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Pattaya: 084-021-9800
International Numbers:
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Thailand: +66 2254-8900
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