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Meet Our Litigation Lawyers in Thailand

Siam Legal International has assembled a team of Thailand litigation lawyers with diverse educational backgrounds and areas of expertise in order to represent our clients in a wide range of litigation cases in Thailand. With years of experience in civil and criminal litigation, our Thailand lawyers can provide the best legal expertise in varied cases involving:

  • Civil Law: Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Personal Injury Claims, Torts, Medical Malpractice, Other Civil Cases
  • Criminal Law: Fraud, Drugs, Defamation, Criminal Defense and other criminal cases
  • Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Repudiation
  • Labor Disputes, Intellectual Property Disputes, Trade Disputes
  • Court Litigation

Meet our Thai Civil and Criminal Lawyers

Thailand Litigation Lawyers

Do you need a litigation lawyer?

If you need to file a lawsuit in Thailand and don’t know how, you may want to consult with a Thai litigation lawyer.

All court proceedings are required to be conducted in Thai language, except in some special courts. Documents made in a foreign language must be translated into Thai. Only original documents are admissible in evidence, save in some instances. Preponderance of evidence is enough to prove one's claims in a civil or criminal suit.

Until a final adjudication of the case is reached by the court, a Thai litigation lawyer's participation is crucial. Not only because the court proceedings are conducted in Thai language, but because there are also remedies and practices which are atypical to the Thai judicial system.

What to expect when working with a litigation lawyer?

Your litigation lawyer will represent you at every step in the process of filing a lawsuit. Several factors are taken into account in the filing of a lawsuit. These include the proper designation of the case, the jurisdiction of the court, the determination of the proper parties, and many others which will make the assistance of a court lawyer indispensable.

Your Thailand litigation lawyer can guide and represent you through the entire process, not only until the judgement stage at the Court of First Instance, but through possible stages of appeal with the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of litigation lawyers discusses some of the questions frequently asked about Litigation in Thailand, please see below.

Can a foreigner file a court case in Thailand? Do I have to speak in Thai?

Yes, a foreigner has the right to file cases in Thailand in any of the courts as long as the matter they wish to pursue in the courts falls under Thai jurisdiction. A person does not have to be a resident of Thailand to file a case, but only registered Thai ligation lawyers are permitted to practice law in Thailand and to appear before the courts.

No, you do not have to speak Thai, but all court proceedings are conducted in Thai, so documents must be translated before they are admitted in court. One exception to this is the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court when the parties agree to not translate documents and evidence.

Is there a jury system in Thailand?

No, trial by jury is not practiced in Thailand as it has a civil law legal system where judges apply law to a case. All questions of law and fact are determined before a judge or judges who will then render a decision. The number of judges who hear a case may vary from one, three or five depending on the relevant court’s jurisdiction or the level of the appeal.

What courts deal with civil and criminal cases?

In Bangkok, criminal cases are under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts and under the District Courts for smaller offences, while all civil cases are under the relevant Civil Courts and the District Courts for small claims. Outside of Bangkok, all 110 Provincial Courts have jurisdiction over both civil and criminal cases, while the Provincial District Courts have jurisdiction over small offences and claims. The Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court accept only appeals that meet their criteria for further deliberation and final judgment.

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