Family Visa for Thai

Visa to Italy

Spouses of Italian citizens along with their children under 21 years old and their parents can obtain a Family member visa to Italy and be able to stay there for 90 days up to one year. The Italian Family visa is given to:

  • the foreign spouse of an Italian citizen;
  • the children of the spouse of the Italian citizen;
  • the parents of the spouse of an Italian citizen.

Italian Family Visa Required Documents

  • Completed Visa application form
  • One recent color passport-sized in a white plain background
  • Passport Valid for at least 18 months from the date of the visa application plus clear photocopy of passport's photo page
  • Original and photocopy of "Dichiarazione per Familiare Al Seguito" duly filled and signed by the Italian citizen. The declaration must be accompanied by a clear copy of the either the ID card of the Italian citizen or his/her passport (first four pages)
  • Photocopy of "Stato di famiglia" issued by the Italian municipality, relevant to the person who has applied for the "familiare al Seguito")
  • Marriage certificate duly registered by the Legalization section of the Consulate General of Italy
  • Attestation of age issued by the National population commission duly legalized by the Legalization section of the Consulate General of Italy (for spouse and parents)
  • Civil registry documents certifying the family relationship with the Applicant, and, where required, appropriate documentation duly certified by Local Authorities proving: that the applicant depends economically from such relative; the health condition or the lack of sufficient family support.
  • In case of visa application for a Minor, please incluse the Parent's consent duly signed by the parent who is not travelling with the child.
  • Nulla Osta (No Objection Certificate) issued by the relevant Italy's Immigration Office (Sportello Unico Immigrazione). Such Nulla Osta needs to have been issued less than 6 months prior to the date of the visa application.

Visa Application Process

Documents for the visa application are collected and submitted at the Italian embassy nearest to you. Non refundable corresponding visa fees have to be settled. An interview may be required by the visa officer depending on his discretion.

What We Can Do For You

We can assist with the successful application of your Italian Family Visa. We offer:

  • Consultation with our Italian Immigration Specialist
  • Comprehensive checklist of documents for the applicant and the sponsor (if any)
  • Professional and accurate preparation of your visa application
  • Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies
  • Careful preparation of all correspondence with government agencies
  • Expert advice on how to handle yourself during the interview (if any)
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