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Smart Visa is a new type of visa introduced by the BOI Thailand to attract highly skilled manpower, investors, executives and startup entrepreneurs wishing to work or invest in the following targeted industries in Thailand. Smart Visa holders will be granted maximum 4-year permission to stay, exemption from the work permit requirement and entitled to additional privileges.

Targeted industries:

  • Next-Generation Automotive
  • Food for the Future
  • Biofuels and Biochemicals
  • Smart Electronics
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Agriculture and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Management and Renewable Energy
  • Human Resource Development in Science and Technology
  • Affluent Medical and Wellness Tourism
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Digital
  • Medical Hub

Types of SMART Visa

The following categories of Smart Visa will be allocated to SMART Visa applicants, depending on the purpose or activity that foreigners wish to conduct in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Visa TypeCategoryPurpose
SMARTSStartup Entrepreneur
Non-ImmigrantOSpouse and legitimate children of SMART Visa holders

SMART Talent Visa

The four-year SMART T Visa is available to science and technology experts who earn 200,000 baht per month and are employed by in one of the ten targeted industries.

SMART Investor Visa

The four-year SMART I Visa is available to investors who make a direct investment of 20 million baht into companies that use technology in their manufacturing process or deliver services. These companies also must be in one of the ten targeted industries.

SMART Executive Visa

The four-year SMART E Visa is available to senior managers that have at least a Bachelor’s degree, ten years work experience, and are earning a minimum of 200,000 baht per month. Similar to the SMART T and I Visas, senior managers must be employed by companies in one of the ten targeted industries.

SMART Startup Visa

The one- to two-year SMART S Visa is for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Thailand. To be eligible for this visa, you must deposit 600,000 baht in Thailand, have health insurance, and set up a company in one of the ten targeted industries within your first year.

How to Apply for SMART Visa

The applicants for SMART Visa must have qualifications according to the criteria specified by the office of the Board of Investment. Their qualifications will be verified by relevant agencies. After technical and non-technical endorsements have been obtained, the SMART Visa unit will then proceed to issue a letter of qualification endorsement which the applicant will bring to the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Consulates (in case of residing overseas) or the Immigration Bureau at the One-Stop-Service Center for Visas and Work Permits or EEC Labour Administration Center in Chonburi in order to file for SMART Visa.

How to apply for Thailand Smart Visa Image Source: Thailand Smart Visa

Application Procedure for BOI SMART Visa

  1. Register for an online qualification endorsement application for SMART Visa on and activate an online account through a confirmation email.
  2. Complete an application form for the type of SMART Visa you wish to apply whether it is category T, I, E, S, and non immigrant O visa if you have any dependents. You have to make sure that you have a PDF version of the required documents you will need to upload and submit after the application form and required documents are all uploaded. By completing the online application, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the qualification endorsement requirements.
  3. Within 30 working days after having received complete documents, One-Stop-Service Center of the BOI will notify the applicant, the Immigration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant agencies of the result of the qualification endorsement application.
  4. The qualified applicant can then proceed with applying for SMART Visa issuance at one of the following places, within 60 days from issuance date of the endorsement letter, which will be used as one of the supporting document for application:
    • The Royal Thai Embassies/Consulate General abroad
    • The Immigration at One-Stop-Service Center for Visa and Work Permit(OSS) in Bangkok
    • EEC Labour Administration Center in Chonburi

The processing fee is 10,000 Baht per year of visa permission (cash only).

Benefits of SMART Visa Holder

Each of these four SMART Visas come with a list of benefits, such as maximum 4-year permission to stay, one-year check-ins at immigration (instead of ninety days), work eligibility for spouses and children without the need of work permits, and no re-entry permits.

SMART Visa Extension Procedures

Smart Visa holders wishing to extend their Smart Visas must apply for a renewal of qualification endorsement at SMART Visa unit of the One-Stop-Service Center of the BOI at least 60 days before its expiry. Upon receiving an endorsement letter, foreigners can then have their Smart Visa renewed at the Immigration Department at the One Stop Service Center of the BOI.

Reporting Requirement

Smart Visa holders must report the address of current residence to the Immigration at One-Stop-Service Center or at EEC Labour Administration Center in Chonburi on a yearly basis, counting from the date of receiving permission to stay in Thailand. This can be done 15 days before or 7 days after the due date. However, in the case of re-entering Thailand, the report is due in one year from the date of the latest arrival. In addition, Smart Visa holders must also report their current status to the Smart Visa Unit at One-Stop-Service Center on a yearly basis from the issuance date of Smart Visa.

Local Office Numbers:
Bangkok: 02-254-8900
Phuket: 076-326-322
Chiang Mai: 053-818-306
Pattaya: 084-021-9800
International Numbers:
US: 1-877-252-8831
Thailand: +66 2254-8900