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Need to find a lawyer in Phuket, Thailand? Siam Legal is a full service law firm in Thailand with offices in Phuket, Pattaya, Chang Mai, Hua Hin, Samui and Bangkok.


Phuket Thailand is a premier destination and the most common destination for foreigners such as you. Phuket Thailand has some of the best beaches in Thailand and is at the forefront of some of the largest property developments in the Kingdom. With increasing property developments in Phuket and in particular, Patong, Laguna and Karon areas, more foreigners are looking for a legal advisor on the island than ever before.

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Siam Legal is a full service law office on the island of Phuket and have over the years established a solid reputation in the property and construction sector. We have transferred hundreds of villas, condominiums, and apartments across the island of Phuket to foreigners and have advised many of the legal pitfalls of buying property without seeking legal assistance. 

Thailand, with its centralised administration has local departments including the Land Office and the Ministry of Commerce located here in Phuket. With our main law office in Bangkok where all the head Thai government authorities are, we are better position to assist you in Phuket as all relevant documents can simply be forwarded from our Phuket office to the Bangkok office for attention.


We are registered with the Thai Law Society and our attorneys are registered with their respective bar councils in their home countries. Our Phuket office has been a regular feature in both the Phuket Gazette, Tropical Living magazine, Thailand Property Report and various property magazines across Asia. So if you are in need of a Phuket Lawyer, Siam Legal in Phuket is well positioned to be your lawyer of choice.


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Thailand Legal Services - Phuket


Siam Legal Phuket also provides litgiation services, shipping and vessel registration, general family law advice, drafting of contracts for property & business transactions, real estate conveyancing (title search & due diligence) and bespoke corporate services for those indviduals wishing to do business in Phuket.


Our team of Phuket lawyers and solicitors comprises of well respected individuals in their respective field and coupled with its local network within a global environment, it stands as the leading international law firm in handling legal matters in Southern Thailand. We assist foreign clients with our expertise in structuring and implementing the best legal strategies in the most cost effective manner.


Notary Public attorney services are available to certify documents for clients on the island of Phuket.


Phuket Property & Real Estate - The Legal Process


Many foreigners are lured to the wonderful island of Phuket to live or retire so they can enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand's biggest island. To do this, many of them consider purchasing a condominimum or villa near the famous Andaman Sea in Phuket. However, care and caution should be taken in such a venture and it is advisable to conduct thorough due diligence on your Phuket property purchase before you make any payment. It is imperative that a title search is done to ensure it is free of any encumbrances, liens or building restrictions. Our Phuket lawyers are well positioned to assist you in the conveyancing procedure involved. Siam Legal Phuket provides a full range of property legal services for the acquistion of your new house, condo or villa. These legal services include full due diligence, complete title investigation, contract review or drafting of your purchase and sales agreement or lease agreement, and finally registering your legal interests at the Phuket Land Department upon transfer.


Our Phuket law firm offers a free Legal Guide to Thailand Real Estate. You can download this legal guide online or you can visit our Bang Tao office to obtain a copy. You are most welcome to visit our Phuket law office for a consultation regarding your pending property purchase or any other legal matter to wish to discuss with our lawyers and consultants.


Phuket Visa & Immigration - How to Obtain a Thailand Visa


Every foreigner who wishes to stay in Phuket for a long term period must apply for a Thailand Visa. This is obtained by submitting your Thai visa application to the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country. It is strongly recommended that those long term visitors to Thailand should plan ahead to procure the Thai Retirement Visa, Thailand Marriage Visa or One Year Non-Immigrant Visa prior to your arrival in Phuket. It is quite difficult to obtain a long term Thai visa in neighboring countries near Thailand. These potential and costly problems can be avoided by applying before you depart your home country.


Siam Legal can provide you with professional visa application service with your visa for Thailand in your home country. We assist persons in countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Spain and many others. We assist thousands of people each year with their Thai Visa applications for retirement, marriage, business and tourist purposes. We proudly offer a 100 percent money back guarantee with our Thailand visa services within your home country.


Extension of your Thailand Visa can be accomplished at the Phuket Immigration office for various purposes including business, marriage, retirement, education and BOI investment. You must meet certain qualifications in order to be granted an extension of your Thai Visa. The visa specialists in our Phuket law office can assist you in the extension of your stay.


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