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Property Lease in Thailand

Considerations for Lease Agreements in Thailand Given the substantial issues relating to foreigners owning a freehold interest in Thai land, a more viable option for people wanting to have a legal and long term interest in the property is done through lease agreements. There are however a number of pitfalls to be aware of, much […]

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Legal Barriers to Escrow in Thailand

Finding escrow services in Thailand can be hard, but there are a few legal options. Some large international developers will cooperate with their buyers to use offshore escrow services in certain situations. However, the use of offshore financial institutions can add additional risk due to currency exchange issues. In some situations, the parties to a […]

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Practical Barriers to Escrow

In some countries, such as the US, the use of escrow services when executing a property purchase is widely accepted as a way to reduce the risk inherent in the transaction. However, any type of escrow arrangement in Thailand is very rare, for legal, cultural, and practical reasons. Even for buyers who want to use […]

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