Obligations of a Guardian in Thailand

When a person adopts a child in Thailand, he becomes a guardian on the day he receives notification from the Court that he has been appointed as one. From that point on, he is expected to perform several functions for the benefit of his ward.

For starters, the guardian must make an inventory of the ward’s property within three months from the receipt of his appointment. He is mandated to submit to the court a certified copy of the report ten days after he completes the inventory.

The guardian has, generally, the same rights and duties as the person exercising parental authority over the minor, as provided in the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. These rights and duties include supporting the minor and providing them proper education.

The other rights and duties include:

  • determining the child’s place of residence,
  • punishing the minor in a reasonable manner,
  • requiring the minor to do such work as may be reasonable for his ability and condition, and
  • to demand the return of the minor from any person who may unlawfully detain him.

To guarantee the maintenance of his ward, a guardian is allowed to dispose of part of the minor’s property to answer for his daily sustenance and education. All expenses shall be detailed in the report to the appointing court.

A guardian is likewise the legal representative of the minor. As such, he is responsible for keeping his ward away from obligations that will unduly render him responsible or his property liable.

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