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Invention – Patent in Thailand

Rather than Trademark and Copyright, Patent is an intellectual property. In Thailand, there are two types of Intellectual Property: Patent which can be divided into an Invention (the invention has to be new, inventive and capable of industrial application) and a Product design; Petty Patent or utility model which is similar to the invention but […]

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Usufruct in Thailand

Foreigners being forbidden to own land in Thailand are finding ways and means to be able to access and possess land legally. The most common mode of possession and control used is undertaking a lease agreement. However, there is another mode although not as popular but equally efficient. This option is undertaking a Usufruct Agreement. […]

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Duties and Liabilities of the Lessee and Lessor – Thailand Property Lease

In every contract of lease, there is always a lessee (also known as the “hirer” under Thai law) and a lessor (who is also called the “letter”). The lessee, as well as the lessor, has rights and duties under the contract of lease. Thai law allows foreigners to lease real properties in Thailand such as […]

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BASIC RULES: Purchasing Condominium Units in Thailand

Since foreign nationals cannot acquire land in Thailand most are confined to the option of purchasing condominium units. The New Thailand Condominium Act of 2008 (B. E. 2522) provides for the guidelines and the regulations that covers all matters pertinent to condominiums, initially from Registration of a Condominium Project, Ownership of a Condo Unit, about […]

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Transfer of Ownership Over Properties in Thailand Between Foreigners

One of the more peculiar features of the law of Thailand is their strict mandate on the transfer of ownership between and among foreigners over properties located in Thailand. One very basic example is the method of transferring ownership over condominium units between foreigners. The same can not be done by virtue of a deed […]

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