2nd Annual Cybersecurity Management 2018-2019 Forum

The cyber threat landscape is expanding on a global scale. According to Romanian internet security company Bitdefender, Thailand is ranked fifth out of 25 Asian countries for its exposure to cyber security threats last year. Cyber-crimes are getting harder and harder to detect because they were performed by highly skilled and motivated individuals, organizations and nation-states. This requires organizations to use adaptive security architectures capable of leveraging intelligence and intelligent systems to enable context-aware security controls.

As the digital world is quickly infiltrating all aspects of our everyday lives, we are all vulnerable. The Internet of Things, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, medical devices, the smart home and wearable computing are only a few of the fields with which the cyber industry will have to protect in the coming years. To cope with these crucial challenges, risk assessment and strategies on how to plan, manage and control information security within an organization must be put in place.

In this day and age, digital disruption also continues to change. Cybersecurity is now more vital and relevant to the growth of your organization than ever before. Asia Business Connect is pleased to welcome back their flagship cybersecurity conference on “2nd Annual Cybersecurity Management 2018-2019 Forum: Regulatory Updates, Strategies & Solutions to Protect Businesses against Ongoing Cyber Threats”. This conference aims to re-strategize your cybersecurity frameworks, assessments, governance and control areas. You will get the essence of how critical cyber security is to an organization, improve or reform your company’s defense mechanism against cyber threats, dig deep into digital forensics and mitigate risks.

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Updates on cybersecurity trends, opportunities and regulations 2018-2019
  • Understand enterprise cybersecurity and identify immediate security needs with actionable steps
  • Develop a vision and strategy for compliance with GDPR
  • Implement an effective cybersecurity plan in your organization
  • Explore leading practices in mobile device security
  • Implement and innovate true cloud security
  • Leverage on digital forensics to plan your counter-fraud response strategies
  • Prepare well to combat and response to possible incident
  • Benefit from presentations & case experiences from expertise of IT leaders

Don’t miss a chance for separately-bookable intensive one-day conference on 12 December 2018 on “Blockchain Conference 2018: Opportunities, Trends & Current Conditions in Blockchain Technology”. You can register your interest in all programs or select any preferred conferences.

For queries about this conference, please call +66 (0) 2714 1616, Hotline: +66 (0) 87 029 3939 or send an email at info@asiabusiness-connect.com.


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