Terms and Conditions


Effective March 06, 2015, you agree to pay Siam Legal ("FIRM") the prescribed fee paid to secure the FIRM's professional services ("SERVICE FEE"). You understand that the SERVICE FEE does NOT include Canada Government fees, medical exam, biometric fee, or any other related expenses. Payment for services not included in the package (e.g. seeking a waiver of a ground of inadmissibility) will be negotiated separately.

You are aware that the SERVICE FEE is based on the average time for processing the particular visa. If your case requires more work than average, you will not be required to make any additional payment beyond the SERVICE FEE. Likewise, if your case should require less work than average, in particular if you should withdraw or abandon the visa application, the SERVICE FEE will be deemed to be earned in full and no part of the SERVICE FEE will be refunded.


You have been informed of the services that are included in the package. Any questions regarding the extent of the services to be performed by Siam Legal have been answered to your satisfaction.


You understand that any refund of the SERVICE FEE will be governed by the Retainer Agreement.

You understand that if you provided any information which is inaccurate, false or withheld, Siam Legal will have the right to immediately cease services, terminate the business relationship created by this Agreement, and retain the SERVICE FEE.

Furthermore, you understand that if you change your mind and decide not to pursue the application after Siam Legal has commenced work, you will not be entitled to a refund.


If you or any beneficiary of the visa application or any agent thereof fails to follow the instructions of the FIRM, the FIRM has the right to immediately cease providing services, terminate the business relationship created by this Agreement, and retain the entirety of the Fee.

Criminal Penalties

You understand that any misrepresentation or fraud by the applicant may make the applicant permanently inadmissible into Canada and may constitute a felony that can result in imprisonment and/or a large monetary fine.


Most expenses that will be incurred by Siam Legal in processing your case (e.g. telephone charges, copying costs, postage) are included in the SERVICE FEE. You will separately pay or reimburse the FIRM for all required government fees and medical examination fees.

By checking the "I accept the terms and conditions." box and clicking the purchase button above it, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above.

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