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Thailand Property
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under construction

Refers to a development where actual building construction has been initiated

unimproved land

Raw land in its natural state has no installed improvements or structures.


Segregated part of a structure i.e., one apartment in an apartment building or an office in a commercial building.

unlawful detainer

Keeping possession of real property without a right, such as after a lease has expired, after being served with a notice to quit (vacate, leave) for non-payment of rent or other breach of lease, or being a "squatter" on the property. Such possession entitles the owner to file a lawsuit for "unlawful detainer," asking for possession by court order, unpaid rent and damages.

use density

The ratio of the number of buildings or floor area of built-up space of a particular use to a given area


An individual who uses a property or has a right over a property.


Levy of excessive rate of interest on a loan that is considered illegal as it is not accepted by law.


Services such as water, gas, electricity, etc., provided to land or private utility companies

utility charges

Utility such as water and power for the demised premises is separately charged/meters to the tenant. The tenant is usually responsible to pay to the concerned utility company the charge for such utilities as per the bills raised by the the utility company.

utility room

Room that contains the appliances necessary for the maintenance of of that establishment such as a room used for laundry, heating equipment telephone wiring, janitorial purposes, etc.

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