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Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Lawyers in Thailand

Criminal Law in Thailand is difficult and confusing, especially for people who do not have a clear knowledge of the issues in which they are involved.

There could be a lot more at stake than is instantly obvious, whether or not you think the problem is dangerous, and you may find yourself looking back on this case years from now wishing you had taken some different action. Criminal law is complex, which is why considering this system carefully and working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is so critical.

Understanding the Criminal Justice System in Thailand

Criminal Law in Thailand is influenced by western law and has some correlations and distinctions with other countries' criminal law systems. The law of Thailand recognizes fundamental rights, including the right to a fair trial, the right to present witnesses and evidence for the defense, the right to hire a criminal defense lawyer, the right to self-incrimination, and the need to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" of guilt. The Royal Thai Police usually have a certain level of discretionary authority to make arrests. In recent years, however, revised constitutional provisions have provided for a system of regular judicial review of detentions and searches carried out by the police in Thailand.

The criminal offenses in Thailand are provided in the Thai Criminal Code and violating any such offense may result in going to jail or initiation of a criminal case. Apart from the Thai Criminal Code, there are other laws that also result in criminal charges in Thailand.

How does a criminal case begin in Thailand?

Criminal cases usually start with an investigation by the police, investigators from the Thai government's administrative division, or private investigators. When sufficient evidence to file a criminal case is created, bail can be sought. For foreigners, bail amounts and terms may be different than for Thais.

Thailand doesn’t have a jury system like the United States. Three judges are usually present in a regular criminal trial in Thailand. Detention orders are regularly considered while a defendant is in the pre-trial custody stage.

Importance of hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Thailand

Criminal Defense Attorney

A lot of people wonder why it is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer when in trouble. In Thailand, even though the body of law from which such jurists practice is somewhat special compared to that of virtually every other country, the roles of Thailand’s criminal defense attorney and the criminal lawyers associated with it, are not different from their counterparts around the world.

Although many of us also attempt to resolve a criminal case independently, it might not be advisable. The laws are too complicated and the procedures are difficult. Even the smallest of errors and mistakes may lead to the collapse of the entire event. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a competent criminal defense lawyer. The different benefits of hiring these law practitioners must be known to you. For the benefit and knowledge of readers, we are sharing a few of them.

Legal Knowledge and Expertise
The biggest and notable advantage of hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer is the experience, knowledge, and expertise they possess. It is important to note that experienced lawyers have been trained properly and, for this reason, they know the ins and outs of different legal systems.

It is important to note that most qualified lawyers have practiced every aspect of the criminal justice system and can deal with most cases specific to their field of expertise. Therefore, you have made the correct choice by hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer because they use their experience and skills to create a successful case that will help you to win and understand the law.

Handling Court Proceedings and Pleadings
If a defendant is accused of a crime in Thailand, the charges must be addressed in court. These hearings are called pleadings, and a defendant must usually determine whether or not to plead guilty to the charges brought to the court or not. When determining how to plead a case, having the support of a qualified criminal defense lawyer is of considerable help. This is important even when pleading guilty, as having a Thai attorney frame one's case can be crucial in reducing the final sentence handed down to the defendant.

Handling Litigation
A criminal defense lawyer will handle all litigation matters for you. In cases where a defendant speaks the slang of the court, legal strategy and tactics are of paramount importance; when the case is brought in a jurisdiction where the defendant is not a fluent native speaker of the language, it is even more critical. For those that are not Thai speakers, it can be of immense benefit to have a Thailand criminal defense lawyer who can clarify the complexities of legal proceedings.

Appeal Support
In the appeal process, a criminal defense lawyer may also support it. A well-argued appeal can prove advantageous to a criminal defendant in Thailand as many cases can depend on the understanding of fine questions of law, as such filings can end in a case being remanded for retrial, a sentence being reduced or even a sentence being reversed. It is often a reasonable course of action to retain a qualified lawyer for this purpose.

The result of any case brought before the courts of any jurisdiction is difficult to foresee. In Thailand, this is no different, no one can guarantee a result, but with effective support from lawyers in the form of a professional criminal defense lawyer, the chances of seeing a more favorable conclusion to criminal proceedings are better assured.

Handling matters after punishment
A criminal defense lawyer can be of benefit even after a case has ended and the defendant was sentenced. Such professionals are entitled to visit their clients if they are incarcerated and can assist in arranging visitation for family and friends which can be a relief.

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney is one of the best choices you can ever make if you have been charged with a crime in Thailand. The probability that the criminal case will conclude as favorably as possible for the defendant can be significantly improved by a competent Thailand lawyer. For you and your family, the quality of representation would have long-term consequences.

If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney in Thailand, make sure you choose someone with a reputable track record and experience; who is prepared to vigorously protect your legal rights irrespective of the criminal offense.

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