Child Legitimization Questions

in Thailand

These are the most common questions about legitimation in Thailand. If you have more questions then speak to us online or walk into any of our offices in Thailand for more information. Speak to a lawyer first before signing or starting any legal process when it comes to your or your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend's children.

Can I legitimize my child if I have never taken care of him?

Yes, as long as the mother and the child give the consent to the legitimation, or there is sufficient proof to the court that you are the father of the child. Whether you have taken care of your child or not is the issue of having the custodian rights over your child after the legitimation registration.

What should I do if my child is too young to give the consent?

There are three options for legitimating your child who cannot provide his signature in the presence of the district officer. Firstly, you may wait for the legitimation until your child is old enough to write his own name. Then, secondly marriage registration between you and the mother of your child allows your child to become your legitimate child without obtaining his signature. Lastly, you may file the petition to the court for legitimating your child.

What can I do if my child has custody by the court's appointment?

You may file the petition to the court for an order effecting the deprivation of such guardianship from the grandmother and making you to have the full custody rights over your child.

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