Belgium Visa for Thai Spouse

Visa to Belgium

For those Belgium Citizens or foreign nationals residing in Belgium who want to bring their non-citizen of a European Member State Spouse to live with them in Belgium, they are required to apply for a family reunification visa.

When applying for the Family Reunification Visa, the following items needs to be submitted:

  1. A valid travel documents (international passport) valid for a minimum of one year after the visa issuance date
  2. Two visa applications completely and correctly completed and signed
  3. Two Recent Passport Photos
  4. Copy of Belgian Identity Card, or a Copy of the Residence/Settlement for Foreign Nationals issued to your spouse/partner or parent living in Belgium
  5. Police Clearance covering the last 5 years for applicants older than 18 years old
  6. Medical Certificate completed by Belgian Embassy or consulate approved medical center not more than six months prior to the date of the application
  7. Proof of sufficient means to support their stay in Belgium or a pledge of financial support from a Belgian Citizen or Resident with sufficient means to support
  8. Proof of Sufficient Accommodation
  9. Evidence that the person you will join has medical insurance valid to cover themselves and all of his family members
  10. Marriage Certificate
  11. Birth Certificate
  12. Evidence of Termination of Previous Marriages

The documents listed above are merely the basic documents required in all cases. Additional documents may be requested by the embassy or consulate.

Official documents issued abroad must be legalized or bear an apostille, depending on the country whence they originated, unless a treaty provides for exemption from this process.

Foreign official documents which are written in another language than German, English, French or Dutch must then be translated by a translator recognized by the Embassy.

Processing of Visa Application

As a general rule, your visa application will be sent by the consulate to the Immigration Office, which will make the final decision.

If all of the appropriate documents have been submitted establishing your eligibility for the visa, the processing time is about 6 months from the date of submission.

If there complications with the application, the Immigration office may extend the processing time by three months two times for a total of an additional 6 months processing time (total processing time is 12 months).

Issuance of the visa

If the visa is issued, it will be a national long-stay visa (D visa) which has a validity of 6 months. After entry into Belgium, you need to present themselves at the municipal administration office where you will reside to apply for a residence card before the expiration of the 6 months.

If you fail to register before the expiration, you will have to refile a new petition.

What Siam Legal Can Do For You

If you are uncertain of what to do and you would like to increase your rate of approval, Siam Legal is more than willing to assist you to make your application successful. We offer:

  • Full review of your personal, financial & employment history
  • Consultation and confirmation that this visa is appropriate for you
  • Extensive checklist of documents that you need for your visa application
  • Professional and accurate preparation of your visa application
  • Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies
  • Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular interview
  • Unlimited personal communication with our Visa Specialists.
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