K1 Visa Guarantee

US Visa in Thailand

About the K1 visa guarantee

The K1 Visa Guarantee for a K1 Visa attorney! We only want to give you the best offer and no offer could be better than a money-back-guarantee service. This means that if your Thai fiancée does not get the USCIS approval because of our failure on our part, we will refund 100 percent of your money back.

Our 100% success rate history for K1 Visa applications makes us confident to offer you this deal. But then again we need you and your Thai fiancée's cooperation especially with regard to providing us the required documents, answers to some of our important questions and other petty requirements. After that, our firm will do the work for you. Siam Legal International has four law offices across Thailand. Our American visa attorneys can assist you in any city such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket for your K1 Visa in Thailand.

Why use us for your K1 Visa or your K3 Visa?

  1. Solid Team of Immigration experts: Our US Visa team concentrates on K1 and K3 Visa applications in Thailand only therefore we can provide you expert advice for your fiancé and spousal visa applications.
  2. International Law Firm: We have offices located in Los Angeles and 6 Thailand law offices.
  3. Full Embassy Support: We offer assistance to your fiancé or spouse in Thailand at the US Embassy. We are experts in dealing with the US Embassy in Bangkok unlike immigration lawyers working only in the US.
  4. 100 percent Success: Our record speaks for itself. We are the #1 US Visa Attorneys in Thailand.
  5. 24 hours Customer Care: Our multilingual staff will assist you at any point in the process by telephone calling toll free 1-877-252-8831 or through our Live Chat on our website.
  6. Reasonable Fees: We believe in performing quality legal service at an affordable price. We offer a payment plan to meet your needs. No need to pay all the fees up front.
  7. Money-Back-Guarantee Service: We return your money should your fiancé or spouse visa USCIS application be denied or we will appeal your case.
  8. Uses State of the art immigration software: We use InsZoom, the world's largest immigration software, to ensure the sharing of valuable information between you and us fast and effective thereby processing your petitions faster. Preparation time can be cut by over 70 percent by using this electronic method.
  9. English and Thai Speaking Staff: Language barrier is never an issue in reaching out to your Thai Fiancée because our Thai staff takes care of her. With our Thai lawyers, we can do the translations of Thai documents by ourselves and have them certified.
  10. Thailand's largest legal network: Our offices are strategically located across Thailand making us accessible to your Thai fiancée or spouse wherever she is. Our K1 Fiancé and K3 Marriage Visa Lawyers work in each office. The locations are in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Samui.