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US K1 Visa in Thailand

Message from the Managing Partner: Siam Legal

I remember back in 1993 applying for a US visa for my Thai fiancée. Since this time I have over 16 years of experience handling US Visa applications for Thais. My two recommendations are first, use a licensed attorney in Thailand who can help both of you with your applications and second, make sure you have a prenuptial agreement in place to safeguard your personal assets.

I know this is a big decision on your part to bring your Thai Fiancée to the US for marriage. I offer my assistance for any questions or concerns that you may have about the process. Our law firm "Siam Legal International" is here 24/7 with offices in Los Angeles and six Thailand locations (Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Samui & Hua Hin) to assist you to filing your K1 Visa in Thailand.

Dennis P. Ramm
Managing Partner
Siam Legal International

Step 1: Do I file the K1 Visa application by myself or use a K1 Visa Attorney in Thailand?

Every year we need to file our taxes with the IRS. Some of us complete the tax forms by ourselves and others use a tax preparation service. The benefits of using a professional expert is that they know the specific details of the process which can save you valuable time and money. Dealing with immigration law can be as complex as dealing with tax laws. So let's say you choose a professional to assist you in your K1 visa application, where do I look? Do I find visa attorney in Thailand or in the US?

Most of us Americans are pretty sharp in organizing our own paperwork. But, how about your Thai fiancée? Will she be able to prepare all the necessary paperwork on her own? That is where the benefit of using a K1 Visa Attorney in Thailand become advantageous. The Thailand law firm will have Thai speaking staff to assist your girlfriend in her own Thai language. She will get the necessary help which will motivate her to speedily collect her documents and prepare her side of the K1 visa application.

What about the visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok? How will a visa attorney in the US assist a Thai girl in far away country in Asia? This is probably the most important step in the process of the K1 Visa as the consular officer in Bangkok who is conducting the visa interview has the final decision to approve or deny the visa for her to go to the US. Using the US visa attorney based in Thailand makes the most practical sense as the Bangkok law firm is in the best position to assist both of you in order to achieve a successful K1 Visa approval.

Step 2: What are the costs involved for a K1 Visa for my Thai fiancée?

  1. K1 Visa Attorney: Use a law firm which offers a payment plan. If for some reason you stop your application or don't like their service, you can limit the risk of your money spent on the process. Siam Legal offers an EZ payment plan and you can start the process for as low as $499.
  2. USCIS fee: This $455 fee will be paid when your petition is submitted to the USCIS.
  3. Medical Exam: This fee averages between $120 to $200 depending on the age of your Thai Fiancée and her need for vaccinations. It could cost higher if she needs more vaccinations.
  4. Certificates from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs: $12 per document (Siam Legal's K1 Visa Gold Package price includes 4 documents)
  5. US Embassy visa fee: $350 for application of the US K1 visa in Bangkok

Step 3: What is the timeline for when my Thai Fiancée will receive her K1 Visa in Bangkok?

  1. USCIS at least 5 months
    After filing the K1 petition with the USCIS, it normally takes at least 5 months for the USCIS to process the petition and issue the result.
  2. NVC - 1 month
    The National Visa Center (NVC) is notified by the USCIS in regards to the approved petition. The NVC in turn instructs the US embassy in the applicant's country of residence about the approved petition.
  3. US Embassy in Bangkok - 2 months
    The US Embassy in Bangkok contacts the beneficiary or the K1 Visa applicant and sends her a packet with instructions regarding visa application documents to be submitted, interview schedule and submission guidelines. Anticipate a minimum waiting period of 2-3 weeks when procuring the police record and medical certificate for your Thai fiancée.

TOTAL TIME = 8 - 9 months

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