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Northern Bliss in Chiang Mai

When the subject of marriage in Thailand comes up, images of romance amid breathtaking locations always come to mind. This picturesque thought makes Chiang Mai a popular year-round wedding destination.

Known as Northern Thailand's most culturally significant city, Chiang Mai welcomes more than one million tourists each year who are all eager to discover its natural beauty, with its diverse array of traditional Buddhist temples, museums, nature parks, and more set amidst a mountainous landscape. Chiang Mai is also home to several hill tribes whose people showcase Thailand's unique culture and ancient customs.

Chiang Mai makes up for an absence of a coastline with equally spectacular tourist spots and mountain views. Today, the province hosts many important Thai festivals the whole year round, including Loi Krathong (Full Moon Festival), Flower Festival, and the highly-anticipated Songkran (Thai New Year), which is the main event in Chiang Mai celebrated every April of each year.

Wedding Bliss in the North of Thailand

Getting married in Chiang Mai might be the realization of the ultimate dream for most romantics, as it provides a perfect backdrop for a dream wedding. As one of the most popular and tourist-friendly cities in South East Asia, you will certainly enjoy having a Chiang Mai wedding, with the convenience of having a wide array of available options for your ceremony as well as activities for your guests.

Whether it be a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or non-secular wedding ceremony, you can choose to have your Chiang Mai wedding at a Thai-style venue, one of the many Thai wats (temples) within the city, or by the historic riverbank running alongside the province, just in time for the sunset. Chiang Mai also boasts of the most eclectic variety of five-star hotels and resorts who can offer a range of wedding packages suitable for any budget.

What's best about having a Chiang Mai wedding is that you are able to enjoy your most unforgettable day along with the company of your friends and family joining you for the wedding. Indulge in the wonders of Thai culture and history by taking a tour along Chiang Mai's temples, get to know the ways of the hill tribes, discover unique artifacts, ride elephants the Thai way, learn the exquisite art of Thai cuisine - the possibilities are endless! Travel options will hardly be a problem as Chiang Mai is accessible by all possible means of transportation. Chiang Mai International Airport also services not only flights from within Thailand but offers available direct flights to key Asian cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, and Taipei.

Marriage Registration

Thailand is renowned all over the world as one the most favorite wedding destinations because of the ease and convenience it affords. Foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand need to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from their Embassy in Thailand, along with your passport and Divorce Certificate, whenever applicable. In some cases, Embassies may require a Single Certificate from the foreigner's hometown before they may be able to obtain the Affirmation. Your Thai fiancé/e need submit copies of his/ her National ID card, House Registration, and Divorce and Change of Name Certificates, in some cases. When you obtain the Marriage Certificate at the local district office (Amphur), and have it translated into English, your marriage will already be recognized as legal around the world.

In Thailand, you may do away with having a wedding ceremony without the legal implications that a marriage registration brings, as they are considered two separate events. However, we advise you to legally register your marriage in Thailand, most especially if you wish to address pertinent matters relating to your marriage in the future that would rely on some lawful reference to your union.

We have a team of highly reliable legal advisors who are ready to assist you with your marriage in Thailand, ensuring a most convenient process for you and your loved one.

If you want both the benefits of a memorable wedding day as well as the hassle-free process of legal marriage registration, would be best to engage the services of reputable Thai law firm. Legal advisors are in the best position to give you not only quality advice pertaining not only to the marriage registration process, but more details on some related legal aspects you must be aware of related to your marriage such as the need for having a Prenuptial Agreement and applying for a Spouse Visa for your Thai fiancé/e.

Your romantic wedding in Chiang Mai is never too far away with the special insights of our wedding coordinator, who will discuss with you all the available options and suggestions so that you can have your wedding tailor-made to your style and budget.

Do you want a dose of wedded bliss by the Northern Hills of Chiang Mai? We are available for a free consultation so we may share with you what we can do to make your dreams come true. Contact us today!

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