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Getting married in Thailand is one of the most popular options for people who want to make their union a most memorable one. And there's no better way to say forever than right in the heart of the Land of Smiles - Bangkok, the City of Angels.

Known as one of Asia's most visited cities, Bangkok is urban paradise indeed, with its sacred temples, world-class luxury hotels, and a wide variety of lifestyle and culture spots-making it one of the most preferred locations for weddings.

Choose Your Own Bangkok Wedding

You are bound never to run out of exciting wedding options if you decide to marry, Bangkok-style! You may want to arrange a wedding right on top of one of the city's tallest towers, with one of the world's most picturesque city skylines serving as backdrop, or you may want to hold a solemn celebration in one of the city's churches. A Thai ceremonial wedding held in one of the city's revered temples may also be a good idea, or host your fancy reception in one of Bangkok's five-star hotels known the world over. You can even plan your own wedding program, tailor-made to suit your preferences and lifestyles - you'll bound never to run out of great choices!

Honeymoon destinations are also bound never to be a problem when you decide to get married in Bangkok - it serves as the perfect base to travel to just about anywhere, with direct flight available bound to the rest of Thailand and South East Asia.

You may choose to celebrate in the popular resort cities of Hua Hin and Pattaya just a couple of hours away, or visit historical landmarks of Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya which are also within driving distance. Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport is also one of the region's key gateways to connecting and direct flights to Europe and the United States.

Marriage Registration

In Thailand, the legal and ceremonial aspect of any marriage is considered as separate entities, and one may happen without the other. However, we recommend that you register your marriage so that you may be able to address legal issues concerning Property, Immigration, and other related matters.

The requirements for marriage registration include an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from your Embassy in Thailand, along with your passport and Divorce Certificate, if applicable. Some Embassies may require a Single Certificate from your home district for verification prior to issuing the Affirmation. Your Thai fiancée, on the other hand, will be required to submit copies of her National ID card, House Registration, and when applicable, Divorce and Change of Name Certificates. The Marriage Certificate is issued at the local district office (Amphur), and once it is translated into English, it is recognized valid around the world.

While this process may involve a generous amount of paperwork, Marriage Registration in Thailand is a breeze with the assistance of our competent legal advisors who will be able to assist you with the process, saving much of your precious time and effort.

Thinking of taking that big plunge right in the heart of South East Asia? Then a Bangkok wedding maybe the best choice for you. Contact us today and we would be glad to hear from you and help you make your wedding an unforgettable celebration of your lasting union.

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